How to book – call 020 3044 2924

There are four key things we need to know, to help you get things flowing and organise your perfect event. They do not need to be set in stone but these key points will give us something to work with, to help you get underway. We aim to make the process as easy as possible for you, so consider these ideas and feel free to give us a call to discuss any specific requests and answer any questions you may have.


Having a few dates in mind will help us check availability.


We can check piers and suggest the ideal starting point.

How many people?

A ball park figure would enable us to suggest the appropriate vessel and allow us to give you an initial quote.

What for?

This can be as simple as a birthday or corporate function but will help us understand the type of event you are looking to create.

After you have thought about these four questions its best to give us a call.  We can sail through the rest of your requirements and begin building your perfect event with you.


We do feel it is always best to come on down and view the vessels to help make your choice. This gives you a great opportunity to experience the space and ask lots of questions to help the process. Viewings are generally conducted by one of our knowledgeable crew members, who can assist you with questions regarding decorations, operation of the vessel and staging. Should you wish to discuss any financial information please state so when booking your viewing. When the vessels are not out on a charter, there is often maintenance being carried out on them to make sure they are in top condition, so its best to bring your imagination too! We do also offer tastings of our menus upon special request which start from £200 for two guests.


Initial Call – 020 3044 2924

During this call we intend to get to know your key requirements and hopefully put together a provisional hold and even a quote for you.

Provisional Hold

We will provisionally hold your date for two weeks without any obligation from you. This will give you some more time to put together the details of your cruise. After these two weeks we shall call you to check on things. If we have had another enquiry during this time, we will ask you to either confirm your event by paying a deposit or release your date.


It’s not always easy to know exactly what you need, but we start with a quote in order to help you budget for your event. We are happy to give you a few quotes with different options. These can be very useful if your dealing with a committee or reporting ideas back to managers.


To accept your quote and confirm your date we require a £500 deposit. By paying your deposit you are also agreeing to our terms and conditions. Without this deposit your event is not confirmed and may be lost.

Final details

During the booking process a function sheet shall be put together for you. This will include all the details of your event and your expected final number of guests on the day.

14 days pier to your event the function sheet shall be required to be signed off by you to confirm your requirements. This shall be used to produce your final invoice which is required to be paid within 7 days. We shall do our best to make any changes after the 14 days, however this cannot be guaranteed. Any increase in cost shall be required to be paid before additional requirements will be confirmed.


Full payment is required 7 days in advance.

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